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Before You Hire a Divorce Attorney…

So, you’ve decided you want a divorce. Perhaps you have already tried counseling to save your marriage, but have been unsuccessful. You want to move forward and get on with it – but wait!  Before you jump in and start calling divorce attorneys, there are some important things for you to consider. Do you know […]

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What Exactly Is An Amicable Divorce?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “amicable” means to be “characterized by friendly goodwill” or “peaceable”. The term “amicable divorce” may seem like an oxymoron. When couples are at the point of deciding that divorce is their best option, they are unlikely to be feeling a lot of friendly goodwill toward each other. But […]

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What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Definition There are two ways this term is used.  It is a term for a legal process, but can also be used to indicate any method used to go through the divorce process without going to divorce court. When referred to as a legal process, collaborative divorce (also called collaborative law or family law) is […]


The Pros and Cons of a Mediated Divorce

Once the decision to divorce has been made, the decision about how to go through the divorce process needs to be addressed.  One way is through mediation.  Many of you may be asking, “What exactly is mediation?” What is mediation? Mediation is a conflict resolution process that involves a trained third party (called a mediator) […]

Make any Divorce Better!

This is a book written by attorney, Ed Sherman, who’s the best-selling author of “How to Do Your Own Divorce.”  And Ed has some great advice for anyone considering divorce.  He gives you “specific steps to make things smoother, faster, less painful and save you a lot of money.”  And his advice is based on […]


Should you litigate or mediate?

Different ways to divorce Just as there are different types of divorce, there are also different ways to divorce. The two main ways are litigation and mediation. Litigated divorce requires both parties to hire divorce lawyers who will prepare the legal paperwork that needs to be processed by the court before the trial, and who […]

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Can A Couple Use the Same Attorney to Process Their Divorce?

We had a couple contract with us after hiring an attorney to work with both of them. Their complaint was that after they paid the retainer, nothing was done on their divorce. They were in complete agreement, but the divorce went nowhere and they couldn’t understand why. So they came to our company, and we […]

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Divorce Court—Private School Issue?

You want your children to go to private school, so do you hire an attorney and battle it out in court or try to talk to each other?  Depends on the process you use to go through your divorce.  If you have an attorney, they will tell you not to talk to your Ex.  My […]

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What You Lose When You Use An Adversarial Attorney For Your Divorce

You an lose your integrity when you hire a divorce attorney to take advantage of your ex who has hurt you so much. You give up your dignity and self worth. Your attorney has told you that your ex will suffer, especially financially—you’ll win—you’ll get everything, even the kids, and they’ll end up with nothing […]

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My Attorney Will Get Me Whatever I Want Because I Deserve It

Your spouse just walked out; left you, and then to top it off had you served with divorce papers. Now, you’re going to hire your own family law attorney and GET THEM BACK!! You’ll show them that they can’t do that to you. Unfortunately, a lot of us think that this works. Well, it doesn’t. […]

I Fired My Attorney and Survived!

I once had an attorney ask me, “If you were on an operating table would you question what the doctor was doing?”  That sure was a great technique, and I ended up paying him a bundle.  Well, times change, and these days we even need an advocate for dealing with hospitals, doctors, etc., because no […]