crowdfunding for divorce

Paying For Divorce With Crowdfunding

Divorce is going to cost you – no doubt about it. Finding the financial resources to pay for divorce may take some creativity. In addition to the usual methods such as personal savings, borrowing from family, and seeking ways to cut back on discretionary spending, there is a new resource to check into. Some people […]

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I Want A Divorce. Where Do I Start?

When someone calls my office and says, “I want a divorce. Where do I start?”, the first thing I ask them is if they are absolutely sure that this is really what they want. It’s a major step with permanent ramifications, so if there is any doubt at all it’s very important for them to […]

divorce mediation

How To Make The Most Out Of Mediation In Divorce

In a recent conversation with Joann Babiak, a San Francisco Bay Area attorney who handles many family law matters including divorce and mediation of family-related conflicts, we discussed the topic of mediation. With a background in psychology and extensive training in mediation and dispute resolution, Joann is well-qualified to answer the following questions about divorce […]

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Legal Support To Help You Through Your Divorce

It’s a common belief that when people decide to get a divorce, the procedure is to hire a lawyer and then fight it out in divorce court. This certainly is one way to go about it, but rarely is it the best way. There are much better alternatives. So, what types of legal support are […]

starting a divorce

Starting The Divorce Process: A Client Interview

As difficult as it may be for a couple to decide that it’s time to end their marriage, it is often just the beginning of a grueling divorce process that saps their money and energy, and seems to drag on forever. That is, if they decide to go through the divorce using litigation and divorce […]

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Divorce Court—Private School Issue?

You want your children to go to private school, so do you hire an attorney and battle it out in court or try to talk to each other?  Depends on the process you use to go through your divorce.  If you have an attorney, they will tell you not to talk to your Ex.  My […]

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How Long Does It Take to Heal After a Divorce?

Depends on the process you use to go through your divorce.  If you have an attorney, it may take years to heal.   My divorce happened about 30 years ago when my children were 7 and 10 years old.  My ex and I each had attorneys and we fought it out in court.  Not just once, […]