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Don’t Confuse Your Divorce Legal Professional with Your Financial Advisor!

Confusing your divorce legal professional with your financial advisor can be an expensive mistake. While an attorney or mediator can help you navigate the many legal aspects of separating property, a financial advisor can help you plan your future as a single adult. They can help you save money and time throughout the process of […]


Going Through The Mediation Process Can Make Divorce Less Painful

Divorce is never easy, that goes without saying, but there are ways to make it a little less painful for everyone involved. One of these is undertaking the mediation process. Mediation can be a great way to ease both partners through the difficult journey that signals the end of a once loving marriage. Of course, […]


How To Talk With Your Kids About Divorce

One of the hardest things for parents who are divorcing to do is find the best way to tell their children. We’ve asked Jill Valenti, a Family Counselor & Parenting Coach, to share some ideas about how to talk with your kids about divorce. Jill has been certified to lead the Quality Parenting Program, is […]


What Exactly Are Grounds For Divorce?

Grounds for divorce can take many different forms. The specific reasons will change from one couple to the next, with every instance being unique. Often, it’s just a matter of realizing that you’re not as compatible as you first thought. Other times, there are serious mitigating issues like abuse or adultery. Before you take any […]


Trial Separation: The First Step To Divorce?

Trial separation is a common step that many couples take when they begin to encounter problems in their relationship and start to consider the idea of divorce. Rather than rushing directly into a divorce, sometimes a legal separation or a trial separation may be suggested in order to give the couple some time apart to […]


Amicable Divorce: What Is It? Is It Even Possible?

Over the last several years, I’ve posted various articles about what it means to have an amicable divorce, and whether achieving this is even possible. The word “amicable” means to be “characterized by friendly goodwill” or “peaceable”. When couples decide that it’s time for a divorce, they might not be feeling a lot of friendly […]

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6 Tips to Make the Holidays Great While Coping With Divorce

We asked Happiness Coach and Author, PJ Ferguson for some tips on how to make the most of the holidays when coping with divorce. Here are the tips he shared with us: 1. Make the Decision. Your experience of life is — more often than not — determined by your attitude. I was one of […]


Going through Divorce Mediation? 3 Tips to Keep It Smooth and Drama-free!

Are you going through divorce mediation and are worried about the process being negative and acrimonious? What you might not realize is that it doesn’t have to be either of those things. You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have the power to make this process smooth and free of drama. Read on to learn how to make […]


Understanding The Types of Mediation

Peer mediation is a common technique used to settle many kinds of disputes, from problems in the classroom to issues in the workplace and many other cases as well. One of the areas where mediation is most commonly used is in cases of divorce. It can often be the best way to settle disputes and […]


How To Survive The Holidays While Going Through a Divorce

Going through a divorce is stressful enough, but when the holidays roll around the stress can be greatly intensified. Who will the children spend the holidays with? How will you cope with the emphasis on family during this time of year, when yours is broken up? If you are newly divorced or going through the […]


California Courts: Self-Help Resources For Divorce

Getting a divorce is an intimidating prospect. It can be an expensive one as well. For those who cannot afford attorney fees, there are ways to get the divorce without hiring lawyers to litigate in court. One of those ways is do-it-yourself divorce. But how do you know what to do? For those who want […]


Annulment vs. Divorce: Is Divorce Really The Answer?

The question of annulment vs. divorce is one that many couples face every day. It can be extremely painful to end a marriage no matter which way you choose to go about it, but the choice you make should be well thought out and agreed upon by both parties in order to ensure the best […]