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Emotional Support During Divorce

Divorce With Dignity ( is a divorce planning and facilitation service that takes a holistic approach to the divorce process. We understand that there is more to getting through a divorce than just the legal paperwork. As part of our service to our clients, we offer referrals to affiliate professionals who can assist them with […]

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Top 5 Benefits Of Working With A Divorce With Dignity Specialist

Once the decision to divorce is made, there are multiple options for how to get it done. Rushing out to hire a lawyer may not be the best choice for you, especially if you are interested in a peaceful divorce. If you and your spouse are in agreement on most issues, and both of you […]

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Grandparents and divorce — A Great Support During Divorce

Going through a divorce is always difficult, and when children are involved, it’s doubly so. In other blog postings we’ve talked about building your divorce support team. Grandparents can play an extremely important role on the support team – for both you and your children. For kids, finding out that their parents are divorcing and […]


Benefits Of A Peaceful Divorce

I know it seems counterintuitive, but it really is possible to have a peaceful divorce. And when people understand the benefits of getting through a divorce at least civilly, if not amicably, most will want to do just that. But how do you achieve a peaceful divorce? The first thing to do is make up […]

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Should I Hire A Divorce Coach?

Divorce can be complicated. There are many aspects to it that don’t have anything to do with the legal process itself. Coping with a variety of feelings, trying to figure out what your future will look like, learning new ways of dealing with your changing world – how can a person going through divorce address […]


Choosing Independence Over An Unhappy Dependent Marriage

Even when you are in an unhappy marriage, deciding to divorce is never easy. It is all the more difficult when you feel emotionally or financially dependent on your spouse. Fear of being unable to take care of yourself without the help of your spouse can be immobilizing. If this sounds like you, I would […]

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Divorce: Providing Emotional Support For Children

Parents who are considering divorce have many questions, but one of the big ones I hear in my Divorce With Dignity office is, “How can I help my children get through this?” Providing emotional support for the children, both during and after a divorce, is essential to their well-being. It is very important to get […]

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Moving Out: A Client’s Divorce Story

A short time ago I posted a blog called “Living Arrangements During And After Your Divorce”, and today’s blog is the same topic on a more personal level. One of my clients, who I’ll call “Amy” (not her real name), agreed to tell us a little of her story. For many people, living arrangements during […]

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Divorced Parents: Minimizing Conflicts In Shared Custody

Divorce is hard enough – but then divorced parents often have to contend with shared custody conflicts. These conflicts can arise from miscommunications, misunderstandings, or just forgetfulness about aspects of the agreement. How can divorced parents minimize these conflicts and make life easier on themselves and their children? One tool that can help is an […]

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Working with a divorce coach

Because every divorce is unique, Divorce With Dignity takes a holistic approach to helping our clients through the divorce process. In addition to our work with clients to help them resolve issues, work out fair divorce settlements, and to assist them in filing the necessary divorce papers, we also counsel with them to determine what other […]

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Is Divorce The Right Decision For You?

Many people who are considering divorce or separation have trouble making the decision. Maybe this is something you are going through right now. You may feel unhappy in your marriage, but afraid of the unknown – deciding to divorce can be scary. Perhaps the same questions keep going around and around in your head, and […]

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Divorce And Money: Getting A Fresh Start

One of the benefits we offer at Divorce With Dignity is unlimited referrals to services that our clients may need to help them through various aspects of their divorce. Besides the financial issues of deciding who gets what, money problems often arise around dealing with the change in income that occurs after the divorce. To help […]