About us

Divorce With Dignity is a national network of divorce support professionals who will help you keep control of your situation and receive an outcome that is cost effective, safe and as easy as possible depending upon your circumstances. We provide divorce support in all areas of your process.  Our network is continually expanding to serve people in more areas. We currently cover several states, and should be in your area soon.

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Divorce With Dignity was established in 1996 in Alameda, California, to provide a safe place for anyone considering amicable divorce or separation. We provide divorce support with the legal documents and also assist you with planning for divorce and facilitation services so that you understand the divorce process and what you are going through. Our aim is to provide you with a holistic divorce so we also give you other support services to support your various needs.

We do not wish to promote divorce, but to provide a safe place for you during your difficult transition and through the divorce process. Everyone at Divorce With Dignity is committed to helping you through divorce process in a peaceful manner. In fact, it is against our philosophy to do otherwise, as we know that if both parties are willing, there are alternative conflict resolution methods available to help you reach an amicable outcome.

We believe that affordable legal access is everyone’s right, and know after so many years of helping thousands of people that amicable divorce and peaceful conflict resolution are possible. Because these beliefs do not yet seem universal, we have decided to expand nationally in order to assist more people obtain a divorce with dignity. Right now, we are just beginning this endeavor, so realize that we may not yet cover your area. If this should be the case, please know that if you are both committed, you can get through the process amicably and receive the divorce support you deserve.

Each of our offices is staffed with a primary Divorce With Dignity professional, who cover a variety of professionals, including attorneys, paralegals, legal document assistants, mediators, etc. Everyone at Divorce With Dignity believes that your divorce is unique based on your situation. Most of the people in our Network have been divorced themselves, and realize and empathize with your needs. We know that this is very emotional for you and want to help make this process as easy as possible for you and your family.

Click here to find a local Divorce With Dignity office close to you.