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divorce with dignityDoing It Yourself: There are some books that you can get to help you do your own amicable divorce and there are clinics and other divorce support services available through the court if you have children. However, for a very low price, we can help you get through the divorce process and everything will be done correctly. You could probably do your own divorce, but it’s very difficult to do something correctly the first time you try it, and you’re so emotional right now, that it’s really going to be a lot harder than you can probably deal with. It’s easy to start a divorce; it’s hard to finish it and that goes for both the legal process and emotions — so let us help you through this maze, and you can then focus on making all the major decisions that are now facing you as a result of the process. We know it will be worth it! We’re not some fly-by-night company, nor are we a web based company — we are actual legal professionals who are committed to helping you through the divorce process and we provide a safe place for you to come and resolve your situation.

Using Another Service: There are also lots of alternative divorce services available to you. At Divorce with Dignity we strive to help take you through the complete process and receive as much support as you want. Some people do not require any additional support; others need various services to help them through each aspect of the process. We have all the referrals you need. So if you start with Divorce with Dignity, you will at least have an understanding of the process and achieve an amicable divorce if at all possible. If an amicable divorce is not possible, then you will be referred to quality referrals to help you through the next steps and you will have the understanding and knowledge to know what you want and keep control of the situation—rather than just hand it to an attorney who could end up litigating, draining you of any financial resources you have and resulting in very unpleasant circumstances. As Ed Sherman says in his book, “Making Any Divorce Better:”

“The reason divorces are difficult is almost always about personal relations between you and your spouse, not about the law. The law has no tools whatever—none, not any—to help settle problems based on your personal relationship.” (Page 7)

“In fact, getting involved with lawyers and courts almost always makes things worse instead of better.” (Pages 13-14)

And in the book, “A Judge’s Guide to Divorce: Uncommon Advice from the Bench” by Roderic Dunan, he discusses reasons why couples should avoid divorce court, how overworked the judicial system is, the motivations and training of divorce court judges, when a court case is necessary, as well as some of the strange incidents that occurred in his courtroom.

Don’t give your case over the divorce attorneys without consulting with one of our providers first. We will help you understand and take control of your process, empower you to make informed decisions, create a cooperative environment, and develop an action plan for efficient resolution on any issues where you may be in conflict. So before you do anything, contact one of our offices.

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