What is an amicable divorce?

what is a peaceful divorceJust the thought of divorce can cause worry and stress for the person considering a divorce. Worries about financial cost, family matters and lifestyle changes can be a terrible burden. At Divorce With Dignity we understand what you’re going through. Some of us have even been through divorce ourselves.

Amicable divorce is also known as peaceful divorce or uncontested divorce. A peaceful divorce is possible when both parties are willing to cooperate in order to settle on terms and come to an agreeable outcome. Divorce With Dignity helps reduce the fear associated with the divorce process by providing a safe, neutral place for you to prepare for divorce. We help you navigate the maze of divorce without the cost and stress of litigation. We will educate you on the divorce process and assist you in coming to an agreement on all the issues related to your matter. If you need support on some of your issues, we provide qualified referrals to mediators, financial planning, etc. Once you are in agreement, we will complete your divorce process from beginning to end, and provide you with holistic support all along the way.

We have helped thousands of people obtain an amicable divorce, saving them additional stress and thousands of dollars by avoiding litigation. Speak with a Divorce Specialist in your area with questions or to start your own peaceful divorce.

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