Divorce with Dignity was wonderful to work with. I saw the ad in a local paper, called and made an appointment. It was really a “turnkey” approach to a positive divorce process. The staff was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Although they were not attorneys and could not give legal advice, I always felt completely informed as they provided me with a lot of information that had been prepared by attorneys to help me understand on the process.All the way around, from the experience and the reasonable fees, it was a positive experience that I don’t believe would have been the case had I used an attorney.

I hope I never have to use Divorce with Dignity again! I’ve been divorced 3 times and I’ve always used a paralegal/legal document assistant service; this was the first time l used a Divorce With Dignity office and it was by far the best.They were extremely professional and I would strongly recommend them.   They were honest, gave good advice and would refer you to an attorney if they felt you really needed one.They gave me all the pertinent information I needed and I could not imagine going through a divorce without using a legal document service. I don’t think most people realize how simple it can be without using an attorney

Anyone who uses Divorce with Dignity will get a good and fair service. They have high integrity and were extremely helpful to me during my divorce.They were really sharp, efficient and experienced. They were accessible and I could call them day or night if I had any questions.They also put me in touch with other resources l needed throughout the process.

Lynn and Jim
Divorce with Dignity helped us part amicably and divide all our assets.  It was very sad for us as we had 43 years of marriage, but this sadness does not compensate for the relief that we are feeling these days because we were finally able to separate, go through our divorce process and are now in our New Beginnings.  We admire, respect and support each other and want the best for the other.  In fact, we still maintain close contact with each other and even take occasional vacations together.  We know that our process could have gotten very ugly, but by using Divorce with Dignity we were able to keep it amicable and part as friends each moving in our new directions.  We both highly recommend calling a Divorce with Dignity office if you are even thinking about separating.  They will not pressure you into anything, but will be a safe place for you to think about your options

Thank you for your support in filing for my divorce. Working with you was a pleasure. I received our judgement paperwork and it appears our divorce is completed.

Thank you again sincerely for the nonconfrontational approach that you offered to us in completing this process.

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