crowdfunding for divorce

Paying For Divorce With Crowdfunding

Divorce is going to cost you – no doubt about it. Finding the financial resources to pay for divorce may take some creativity. In addition to the usual methods such as personal savings, borrowing from family, and seeking ways to cut back on discretionary spending, there is a new resource to check into. Some people […]

divorce finances

Preparing Financially For Divorce

Divorce is emotionally devastating, and if you don’t prepare properly it could be financially devastating as well. If you are anticipating a divorce, it is time to figure out your finances. Here are the basic steps to preparing financially for divorce. 1) Gather as much documentation as you can. The types of document to gather […]

moving boxes

Moving Out: A Client’s Divorce Story

A short time ago I posted a blog called “Living Arrangements During And After Your Divorce”, and today’s blog is the same topic on a more personal level. One of my clients, who I’ll call “Amy” (not her real name), agreed to tell us a little of her story. For many people, living arrangements during […]

how much does divorce cost

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

How much does a divorce cost? Well, that depends. A lot of factors can affect the cost of a divorce, such as what state you live in, whether you plan to hire attorneys, whether you live in a large city (divorce lawyers are more expensive in larger cities), and how much you and your spouse […]