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Is your marriage not working out but you don’t want to spend every last dime on attorneys to fight it out in court?

Let’s get the paperwork done quickly and properly! It’s as easy at 1… 2… 3…

Let me take the load off of your shoulders!

I will show you where to sign and give you a final date!

So that you have time to take care of your family, work and move on with your life!

How can I help YOU? I will:

  • Explain the process to you completely or as much as you want to know!
  • Complete all the necessary legal forms for you from the first paper to the last.
  • File all papers with the court, including all photocopying and mailing costs.
  • Assist with negotiating and splitting all assets and debts.
  • Assist with an appropriate child custody and visitation arrangement.
  • Document all terms of your divorce in a settlement agreement and file it with the court.

I’ll help you get it done quickly, thoroughly and for less money than using attorneys!

Divorce can be a complex, arduous process involving preparation of the right legal documents, mediation, division of assets, custody agreements and more. At San Diego Divorce with Dignity we handle all these different aspects of your divorce and make the process as simple and painless as possible.

I do everything from the beginning to the end for you. From filing the initial documents with the court to getting your final judgment, and ultimately equalizing investment accounts, transfer titles, etc. I do the whole thing. I offer a lot of guidance based on my experience in the legal industry, with lawyers and with the court system. I am able to share ideas I have personally used, have been used by clients and that have been studied and proven successful.


I am a very economical choice as I charge a flat fee to do the work up to and including the Settlement Agreement and Judgment. This includes all costs except the court’s filing fee.

I have:

  • Over 25 years experience in the San Diego legal industry;
  • Extensive experience in and with law firms and the court system;
  • Background includes business management and organization;
  • Specializing in management of legal procedures and facilitation of legal documents.

I will provide you complete support through the divorce process.

I can help with divorce planning and facilitation (coaching) if you are not ready to proceed with filing. We can provide quality referrals to family law attorneys, mediators, therapists, and other support as needed.

Many couples spend a fortune in legal fees because they do not know the law and/or just assume they have to fight; they do not understand that you do not need an attorney if you are willing to work together. My goal is to promote amicable divorces and help you save time, money and frustration during this very difficult time.

At Divorce with Dignity – San Diego, we know that doing your own divorce can become overwhelming and time-consuming. Many circumstances can delay your divorce, such as dividing property and working out your parenting plan. We know you are working through very difficult issues and we want to help make it as simple as possible.

Our mission is to help you achieve a divorce that is fair, easy and affordable.

We understand that it can be complicated. We are committed to helping you and your family through the entire process as painlessly as possible so you can retain your dignity and self respect while starting your new life.

In addition to divorce services, we can help with many types of legal forms, including QDRO’s and Deeds. I also have references I could send you that would have been in similar situations to yours. Or, please look me up on Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook or my website for information and references.

I would be working for and with both of you, either in person, over the phone, through email or snail mail. Whatever works for both of you!


East County
South Bay
North County
All Courts, El Cajon (all East Communities), Chula Vista (all South Communities), San Diego (all Central Communities), Vista (all North Communities.)


How to contact Sarah:

Call: 619-955-1340

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“I cannot thank Sarah Elder enough for the way she handled my divorce. She made the process go smoothly and effortless for me, took care of all the right paperwork, [was] always very professional, kind and patient with all my questions, and made sure I was followed up all the way. It was a huge load of my shoulders, as I actually researched quite a few lawyers also, but felt they were too expensive for me. Sarah Elder was definitely the right choice for me in my divorce procedure.”

~ Elena G., San Diego

“Sarah did a great job finishing my divorce, I had gone several times to the court house trying to do it on my own, finally Sarah could finish the paperwork, and be supportive in the financial and emotional rollercoaster ride of divorce. Thank you Sarah, and I highly recommend Divorce with Dignity!”

~ Lori O., San Diego/Portland, OR

“Sarah Elder at Divorce with Dignity was recommended to me by a friend a couple years ago when I made the decision to part ways with my Ex. I was definitely apprehensive and had no idea what I was doing. From the first minute I spoke with Sarah she put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable which was definitely a comfort I needed.

“Divorce is absolutely one of the most stressful things you can go through in your life and from start to finish Sarah was supportive, fair and incredibly attentive to the needs of both parties involved. She explained the entire process to both of us thoroughly and carried out the plan exactly as she had presented. Her instructions were clear, she kept us well informed throughout the entire process and when all was said and done our Divorce was finalized at a very reasonable monetary rate.

“I would (and have) HIGHLY recommend using Divorce with Dignity’s services for anyone going through a similar situation in their life.”

~ Steve G., Temecula, CA

“I honestly do not know how I would have survived my divorce and come out on the other side relatively unscathed and somewhat emotionally intact if it wasn’t for Sarah and Divorce With Dignity. Sarah is equal parts therapist and mediator and was often the voice of reason interacting with both myself and my ex-husband (I don’t know how she does this without losing her mind!) Sarah was patient with both of us and constantly had another game plan if the first attempts were not agreed upon by both of us. She was instrumental in my coming to the realization that divorce is about the logistics while she handled my emotions. Sarah saved us money that we didn’t have to fight over and helped us reach a mutually agreed upon settlement. I have and would recommend Sarah over and over again. Sarah handled our diverse personalities extremely well and as a direct result of her guidance, our parenting agreement is in the best interest of our 3 children.”

~ Jennifer P., San Diego


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