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Do you want an amicable divorce?
Do you want to control your legal costs?
We help you with our flat fee, amicable divorce.

Divorce with Dignity Provider located in Reading, Pennsylvania

My mission is to ensure that your family receives the legal assistance needed, in a simple, efficient, amicable and cost-effective way. We understand that divorce is very difficult but that does not mean the process has to be long, drawn out, contentious and expensive. That’s for TV shows and movies. If you and your spouse are in need of an amicable way to dissolve your marriage, I can help.

We offer a flat fee rate of $1,250 to $2,350
depending on your needs (not including court costs)
for your divorce from start to finish
as long as it’s amicable.
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If you think that you are in agreement and want to get through your difficult process as amicably as possible, please let us know and we will work with you to make sure your process is done correctly and save you thousands of dollars.

I am a family law attorney who cares about the well-being of you and your family. After working in a large law firm as a parent attempting to balance life and family, I opened my own practice focusing on the issues that affect families the most. I am passionate about helping families through difficult times in non-adversarial ways that don’t break the bank.

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