How does our flat fee service work?

By using our services to process your divorce, you can be confident that you will achieve an amicable divorce at the rate agreed upon. You will be able to select one of the trustworthy legal professionals listed on our website and work with them personally throughout your divorce process.

Divorce With Dignity (DWD) is the intermediary between you and your legal professional. Our flat-fee rate covers everything from start to finish to complete your uncontested divorce except for the court fees, which are extra.

Once you complete and submit the divorce intake form, a personal client service representative who will be with you from start to finish will contact you.

At the initial telephone meeting, your representative will review the intake information with you and answer any questions, as well as help you determine whether or not you can proceed through the process amicably. At that time, if you agree that you want to move forward, we will arrange for you to meet with your selected legal professional for an initial hour long consultation in their office, to make sure you both feel your divorce can move forward amicably. You will be charged their hourly fee, which will be applied to the flat-fee rate when you proceed.

If you both agree that this is a good fit, the remainder of the flat-fee will be due, and your legal professional will work with you on preparing your initial pleadings to file with the court and open your case.

When your initial consultation is scheduled, your Client Service Representative in the Divorce With Dignity (DWD) Office collects the fees. When you proceed with your divorce, our office will be responsible for paying your legal professional, and these payments will be made incrementally to assure that your divorce is progresses as planned.

Your legal professional is paid as follows:

  • One third (1/3) after your initial consultation
  • One third (1/3) at the completion of filing your initial pleadings and financial disclosures
  • One third (1/3) when your divorce is final
  • Court fees are not included and are payable in advance of court filings to your legal professional.

Our Corporate Office will hold your funds, and if you are not able to complete the process amicably, you will be refunded your fees depending on which step you are at less a twenty-five percent (25%) processing fee. If you are not satisfied with your legal professional and wish to use another professional in the Network, you can transfer at any time and your current provider will transfer your files to the new legal professional.

You will be working with local legal professionals, who have all been vetted by DWD, and are committed to assisting you and helping you navigate the legal process to achieve a divorce that meets your needs. All of your meetings will take place at their offices. We have developed this process to insure that you receive an amicable divorce and control your legal costs using a trustworthy local legal professional with DWD serving as your intermediary. We understand that this is a very difficult decision you are making and want to support and help you achieve a divorce that you feel is fair, safe and that will save you thousands of dollars.