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Divorce can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. Divorcing through the courts is adversarial, complex, drawn out and unsatisfying. It is also the most costly path, with both spouses paying hourly attorneys fees.

Mediation is confidential, safe and flexible process where both spouses’ needs are acknowledged and considered. It can be customized for each couple, so that the best parenting plan and the best way to divide assets can be discovered.

I am a certified Mediator and have many years of experience as a counselor and health practitioner. I have also experienced the pain of divorce and promise of a mediated divorce, and so want to help divorcing spouses create a positive way forward at this very difficult time.

As a Mediator, I am neutral while working with both spouses, and offer a safe place for you to negotiate optimal solutions. This allows you to conserve your financial resources and create a new beginning that benefits the whole family

I provide a complete service, including all necessary paperwork, so that you will never have to go to court.

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