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Are you considering divorce?

Are you worried about or wanting to avoid a lengthy, expensive process?
Do you need mediation assistance?
Are you unsure where to begin?

Divorce with Dignity, Collin County offers peaceful solutions for today’s divorces, family law and domestic ‘differences of opinion’. We offer time-saving, cost effective, peaceful and smart alternatives to help you in determining the best needs of your family, by your family. There is no better way to have a positive impact on your future, than to be your own advocate for the changes you are facing and of which, you are seeking resolution. Schedule a free consultation now and learn how Divorce with Dignity’s trusted reputation in Divorce Planning, Mediation and Facilitation can assist you in settling your intimate and challenging phases of life.

About Terri

After working for the State of Texas and the State of Oklahoma Child Support Divisions establishing and mediating court ordered child support, modifying orders and meeting with families, I experienced and understood the frustrations which stemmed from custodial and non-custodial parents who felt they had no control over their lives and final decisions. I negotiated agreed orders and I found that families preferred the option of resolving their concerns without litigations, courts and judge-ruled decisions most of all.

I am a certified mediator in the Collin County area of the Dallas, Texas Metropolitan area with over 15 years of experience mediating family matters and 19+ years negotiating real estate contracts for buyers and sellers.

Why Divorce with Dignity, Collin County.

I provide an alternative venue, which promotes peaceful resolutions and amicable choices in determining the best needs of the family, by the family. Whether you are deciding to divorce, to establish a plan for separating, or to voluntarily choose what is best for children, properties, and financial matters, please know that I take pride in being a neutral guide in rendering peaceful, agreed-on, long term solutions based on the wishes of both/all participants.

Mediation takes away the need to wait for court dates and the expense of an attorney’s costly representation. Mediation fees are a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney, paying litigation fees and acquiring court fees, as well as being convenient and time-saving.

Your free consultation gives me the opportunity to share how Mediation services can be most beneficial to your circumstances.

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Areas Served:

  • All of Collin county including
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  • Prosper
  • Celina
  • McKinney
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  • and Sachse-to name a few