Hire the Meanest, Toughest Attorney and Go for Everything

First of all, I know you hate your spouse right now or you wouldn’t be thinking divorce. Okay, maybe hate is a little strong for many of us, but one of you really wants to move on and you have no choice but to go through a divorce. So why shouldn’t you hire the meanest, […]

Am I A Bad Person Because I’m Thinking of Getting a Divorce?

Wow, it’s really a tough decision to decide whether or not to divorce and it might take a long time to make this decision.  First of all, I would discuss your feelings with your spouse, and start to find answers to the following questions: How long have you had these feelings?  Have they been accumulating […]

I Fired My Attorney and Survived!

I once had an attorney ask me, “If you were on an operating table would you question what the doctor was doing?”  That sure was a great technique, and I ended up paying him a bundle.  Well, times change, and these days we even need an advocate for dealing with hospitals, doctors, etc., because no […]