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Life After Divorce: Finding Your Wings

A divorce can leave you with lots of different feelings to deal with. Loneliness, emptiness, depression, feeling unengaged in life, feeling stuck – all are common results of the life upheaval a divorce puts you through. At Divorce With Dignity (, our goal is to help you through your divorce in as peaceful and supportive […]

A Divorce With Dignity Experience

Are you curious about what the Divorce With Dignity experience is like from a client’s point of view?  Today we are featuring some feedback from one our clients, whom we’ll call Nathaniel (not his real name).  Nathaniel came to us for divorce advice and help with dealing with his wife’s divorce lawyer.  He wanted to […]


The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Considering a Divorce

As a Divorce With Dignity divorce support professional, I have conferred with many people considering divorce, and have noticed some common mistakes.  Here are the top five mistakes, and ways to avoid them to the benefit of all involved. Failing to talk with your spouse and explore options to proceed amicably towards a divorce. Nobody […]


Divorce Negotiating Tips – 7 Do’s and Don’ts

For those seeking a collaborative and peaceful divorce, negotiation skills are essential to effective conflict resolution. Successful negotiations take planning, preparation, and a desire to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. Here are some tips to help you succeed. 1. DO make a prioritized list of what you want. Like the Scouts motto, “Be Prepared”. Always […]

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What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Definition There are two ways this term is used.  It is a term for a legal process, but can also be used to indicate any method used to go through the divorce process without going to divorce court. When referred to as a legal process, collaborative divorce (also called collaborative law or family law) is […]

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Unhappy Marriage vs. Amicable Divorce

Deciding whether or not to give up on a marriage is one of the most difficult decisions people may have to face in their lives.  But it is something most married people have probably contemplated at one time or another.  Between 40-50 percent of all first marriages end in divorce, and that rate is even […]

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How to Negotiate with Your Spouse

Once the decision to divorce has been made, sooner or later you and your spouse will need to come to an agreement on various issues.  This is true no matter what method of divorce you use (litigated, mediated, collaborative divorce, etc.).  You may wish that someone else (like your lawyer) would do all the negotiations […]


The Pros and Cons of a Mediated Divorce

Once the decision to divorce has been made, the decision about how to go through the divorce process needs to be addressed.  One way is through mediation.  Many of you may be asking, “What exactly is mediation?” What is mediation? Mediation is a conflict resolution process that involves a trained third party (called a mediator) […]

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If J-Lo Can Do It…

Entertainment news was all a-buzz this past July with the announcement from Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony that their seven-year marriage is ending in divorce.  But unlike the “typical” Hollywood break-up, with endless drama and rancor, the couple seems to be working to make the split as peacefully as possible.  As reported by People magazine, […]


Should you litigate or mediate?

Different ways to divorce Just as there are different types of divorce, there are also different ways to divorce. The two main ways are litigation and mediation. Litigated divorce requires both parties to hire divorce lawyers who will prepare the legal paperwork that needs to be processed by the court before the trial, and who […]

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Will A Divorce Ruin or Save Me?

You think you want a divorce but you’re so scared that you and your family will be destroyed both financially and emotionally if you decide to move forward. You just don’t know what do and how to make the decision. You’ve been thinking about this for a long time and deep down you know you’re […]

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Stalling Divorce: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

If I don’t sign the divorce paperwork, can I stall my divorce and should I attempt to do this? It seems to make sense that by not signing your divorce paperwork, that it will give you more time to figure out what you want to do and possibly get back together with your spouse who […]