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Divorce Options: Limited Scope Representation

Did you know that you don’t have to choose between hiring a lawyer to handle everything in your divorce case, or going throught it without any legal advice? Hiring a lawyer to do it all for you can be quite expensive. But perhaps you just need some legal advice on a few specific issues. Can […]

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Grandparents and divorce — A Great Support During Divorce

Going through a divorce is always difficult, and when children are involved, it’s doubly so. In other blog postings we’ve talked about building your divorce support team. Grandparents can play an extremely important role on the support team – for both you and your children. For kids, finding out that their parents are divorcing and […]

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Legal Support To Help You Through Your Divorce

It’s a common belief that when people decide to get a divorce, the procedure is to hire a lawyer and then fight it out in divorce court. This certainly is one way to go about it, but rarely is it the best way. There are much better alternatives. So, what types of legal support are […]


Benefits Of A Peaceful Divorce

I know it seems counterintuitive, but it really is possible to have a peaceful divorce. And when people understand the benefits of getting through a divorce at least civilly, if not amicably, most will want to do just that. But how do you achieve a peaceful divorce? The first thing to do is make up […]

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Should I Hire A Divorce Coach?

Divorce can be complicated. There are many aspects to it that don’t have anything to do with the legal process itself. Coping with a variety of feelings, trying to figure out what your future will look like, learning new ways of dealing with your changing world – how can a person going through divorce address […]

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How Is Child Support Calculated?

Many factors are considered when calculating the amount of child support during the divorce process. Every state has its own guidelines and algorithms to determine a base amount, and the Court may provide for additional expenses not automatically included. To give a general idea of how child support is calculated, we will look at guidelines […]

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How I Budgeted For My Legal Separation – A Client’s Story

Whether a couple is going through a divorce or opting for a legal separation, finances are always an issue to be dealt with. Getting a clear picture of your financial situation, and then figuring out how to budget for the legal work and the change in living expenses is critical. In this article we are […]

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Financial Planning For Divorce: The Long-Term View

For many people going through the stress and pain of divorce, there is a tendency to think only of the immediate future when dealing with financial issues surrounding the divorce. When faced with financial decisions they often say they “don’t care”, they just want to get the whole thing over with. But without proper analysis […]

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Preparing Financially For Divorce

Divorce is emotionally devastating, and if you don’t prepare properly it could be financially devastating as well. If you are anticipating a divorce, it is time to figure out your finances. Here are the basic steps to preparing financially for divorce. 1) Gather as much documentation as you can. The types of document to gather […]

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Starting The Divorce Process: A Client Interview

As difficult as it may be for a couple to decide that it’s time to end their marriage, it is often just the beginning of a grueling divorce process that saps their money and energy, and seems to drag on forever. That is, if they decide to go through the divorce using litigation and divorce […]

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How Do I Start To Prepare For A Divorce?

When people think they want a divorce, they think the first step is to learn what they need to do to prepare for the divorce. Logical – but first, take one step back. Before you do anything else, make sure you really are ready to go forward with the divorce. If there is any hope […]

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Achieve A Peaceful Divorce, Create The Life You Want

There is no denying that going through a divorce is one of the biggest transitions in a person’s life. How do you not only get through a difficult divorce, but then rebuild your life after divorce? Sara Crain, Psychotherapist ( and Law of Attraction Coach (, is one of our Divorce With Dignity affiliates. Her […]