The Top 5 Things to Include In Your Marital Settlement Agreement

Other than the death of a parent or family member, going through a divorce is probably the toughest thing you will deal with in your lifetime. Let’s face it, it’s not a happy time for most people, even though it should be (but that’s a story for another article). A divorce ends in one of […]


Emotional Recovery After Divorce

For most people, a divorce is a traumatic event. The word “trauma” comes from Greek and means “a wound”. In the 19th century, a psychological definition was added to the word to mean “an unpleasant experience which causes abnormal stress” ( Those who are wounded by divorce are just as much in need of recovery […]


Divorce And Credit Cards

There are many important aspects of divorce that need to be carefully planned, and financial issues are among the most critical because the consequences can be so far-reaching. If you are going through a divorce, a major financial decision you will have to make is how joint credit card debts will be handled. Divorce and […]


Does Divorce Scar Children For Life?

Children and divorce. We’ve all heard how devastating divorce can be for the children in the family. And many of us have known people in unhappy marriages who stay together “for the sake of the children”. They both want out of the marriage, but have heard the horror stories about children of divorced parents having […]

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Develop Your Divorce Support Team

Divorce involves a lot more than just getting the legal paperwork done. It affects so many areas of your life, and the lives of your family. If you hire attorneys, they will give you legal representation, but will they help you find ways to cope with the emotions surrounding your divorce? If you try to […]


Should I Get A Divorce?

If you are asking yourself this question, the first thing I want to tell you is to not rush into divorce. Divorce is a very serious step with serious consequences. Please take the time to really evaluate your feelings and the state of your marriage. Make sure you do everything possible to save your marriage […]


8 Signs You’re Headed For Divorce

Despite what some may think (or claim), no marriage is perfect. But many couples are able to tolerate the imperfections and deal with their differences with flexibility and compromise, because they have a solid positive connection with each other. If that connectedness starts to disintegrate, the marriage is in trouble and steps should be taken […]

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Why Do People Get Divorced?

When people get married, they’re usually thinking about love, harmony and joyful hope for the future. Certainly not divorce. So for those couples who have decided to divorce, what happened between the honeymoon and that decision? Why do people get divorced? Of course there are many different reasons that people decide to part ways. But […]


What To Do About Your Estate Plans After Divorce

There are a lot of financial decisions to be made in a divorce, and one very important one is what to do about your estate plans. We asked Jennifer Cowan, an estate planning attorney in San Rafael, CA, to share information with us about this topic. Jennifer holds an LL.M in Taxation (graduating with Honors) […]


What Will Retirement Look Like Now That I’m Divorced?

Retirement. You may have been planning it for years, working out how you and your spouse will manage it financially and how you’ll be spending your more abundant free time together. You’re nearing retirement age when all of a sudden you find yourself going through divorce, and all your plans and dreams are shattered. What […]

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Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Divorce: Putting The Children First

Another celebrity couple calls it quits and opts for divorce; this time it’s singer Mariah Carey and America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon. The couple were married on April 30, 2008, and exactly three years later they welcomed twins Monroe and Moroccan into their family. But in August of this year, they confirmed that they […]


Amicable Divorce: Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders

Another celebrity couple have parted ways, choosing to divorce amicably and peacefully. British model Liberty Ross married movie director Rupert Sanders (also British) in 2002. At the time, her modeling career was soaring, as she starred in ads for Dior, Chanel, and Burberry. When she was pregnant with their first child, they moved to Los […]