kids and divorce

Divorce: Providing Emotional Support For Children

Parents who are considering divorce have many questions, but one of the big ones I hear in my Divorce With Dignity office is, “How can I help my children get through this?” Providing emotional support for the children, both during and after a divorce, is essential to their well-being. It is very important to get […]

divorce and children

Divorce and Children: Providing Stability

Divorce is difficult and distressing for the separating couple, but for the children it is just as traumatic.  It is a major upheaval in the stability of their lives – what they thought they could count on has become uncertain. As they see the circumstances of their family life shifting, they start to worry about […]

kids and divorce

Telling the Kids About Your Divorce

So you’ve made the decision to divorce.  Now, how do you break it to the kids? Most divorcing parents dread this painful task.  Who wouldn’t?  But it must be done, so to alleviate your apprehension about it, here are some guidelines to help you prepare. Preparing for the talk Focus on the positive.  Having this […]