Common Reasons For Divorce

The reasons for divorce can vary from couple to couple. Sometimes it’s as simple as realizing that you just can’t live together comfortably; other times it’s something much more serious such as once spouse cheating on the other. Whatever the case, you’ll need to be clear about why you are taking this very serious and […]


Find A Lawyer: The First Step To Divorce

Once you know the different types of lawyers available, you will be better prepared should you find yourself considering the option of divorce. But knowing which type of lawyer you need and finding the right lawyer for you are two different things. Choosing your divorce lawyer is the first step toward successfully navigating what can […]


Is No Fault Divorce The Right Type For You?

No fault divorce is the quickest, easiest and least complicated way to dissolve a marriage, but that doesn’t mean it is always right for every couple. Before you decide to file this way, it is important to at least consider all the options, discuss them with your attorney, and make sure that is really the […]


The Top 5 Things to Include In Your Marital Settlement Agreement

Other than the death of a parent or family member, going through a divorce is probably the toughest thing you will deal with in your lifetime. Let’s face it, it’s not a happy time for most people, even though it should be (but that’s a story for another article). A divorce ends in one of […]