10 Essentials to Remember During a Difficult Divorce


By Gregory Frank

Divorce is difficult. But you know that already. 

Gregory Frank, CEO of DivorceForce, who himself is divorced, has always been an upbeat and positive person. He emphasizes that it is most important to challenge yourself and move forward though negativity may surround you. While there are certain scenarios out of your control, with work you can change how you react to situations.

Did your world just come crashing down? If so, it’s time to dig deep, stay positive, and take each day as it comes. Here are 10 essentials to remember to help navigate your divorce:

  1. Have kids?: Keep them out of it at all costs, they didn’t ask for this. Don’t bitch to them. Don’t make them your messenger. Don’t try and convince them to “take sides.”
  2. Join a gym: You are going to have a ton of stress, and staying healthy is paramount to your emotional state. Take out your anger on the elliptical, not your soon-to-be ex. Plus, when the dust settles, you’ll be in amazing shape!
  1. Don’t stalk your ex on social media: No need in looking at all the past memories and tearing yourself up over who he/she is spending time with.
  1. Keep your friends out of it: Don’t be “that couple” and involve all your friends and create an up-roar. They will respect you if your not always taking about your divorce and stay interested in their lives. Behind closed door they are going to talk about you anyway.
  1. Meet others in a divorce: You’ll find the most amount of support, compassion, and advice from those going/have gone through a divorce. They get it, and are happy to help.
  1. Don’t hibernate: Keep yourself active by making plans with friends, finding a new hobby, attending events, and any other activities you enjoy. Sitting home and binging on Netflix is not a good solution unless you want to stay depressed for years.
  1. Avoid the urge to spend: Divorce can be quick and easy, or can drag on for years and bankrupt you. Live your life, and some retail therapy always helps, but make sure you are saving for a rainy day.
  1. Seek the professionals: Family law legal professionals, therapists, and even life coaches can be fantastic resources to help you cope and move on with your new life. Make sure you ask around and choose wisely however. You are swimming in shark-infested waters!
  1. Make a bucket list: Suddenly single? Now you have some free time on your hands to do all the things your ex didn’t want to do. You’ll find benefits in your new freedom that you didn’t think existed, so take advantage of it and start crossing off some of those items.
  1. Adjust your attitude: It’s your choice how you’re going to handle the divorce. Are you going to be the host of a pity party, or a fantastic dinner gathering that your guests enjoyed? Are your friends going to avoid you like the plague because you’re always bitching? If you need to complain…go to a psychologist or get a dog.

What would you add to this list?

Gregory Frank is the CEO of DivorceForce. DivorceForce is the #1 online community & marketplace which educates, connects, and empowers people affected by divorce. Whether you are considering a breakup, struggling through the process, or ready to move to with the next chapter of your life, you will find plenty of people on DivorceForce who understand what you’re going through. Share additions to the list above at https://www.divorceforce.com/article/10-essentials-to-remember-during-a-difficult-divorce .

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